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Intermediate Brush Pen Calligraphy (Flourishing) With Toasty Type

Intermediate Brush Pen Calligraphy with Toasty Type, You've been waiting so patiently and we have finally got these together!

The Intermediate workshops are here at last.  So you've completed a beginners workshop, you know your drills and you're keen to learn more... these Intermediate workshops are perfect for you!  Learn how to build beautiful letter forms and connect lowercase letters. Discover new drills to help you build fantastic uppercase letters and spend time learning how to add flourishes to your lettering to really make it pop!  You will also have time to explore different pens, inks, and techniques to develop your style and encourage experimentation! 

This class is perfect for anyone who has attended the Beginners Brush Pen Calligraphy workshop or has some previous experience of calligraphy.

Each workshop costs £35 and everything you need will be provided - materials, refreshments, good tunes, good chat and lots of time and space to make your letters simply beautiful! Book one, book two or book all three and take your lettering to the next level.